Askwith Recommends: Lines of Tribe

“Lines of Tribe will look through both ends of the telescope, at once taking a broad view of human history and a narrow view of the experiences of people living today, in the first decade of the 21st century. Through additional insight from people involved in mixed race relationships, as well as children of mixed race parents, the ground breaking film will reveal the human story of people who are undergoing what is perhaps the most significant change in the evolution of the human race “–Container.

Mirlyn Record

Askwith Recommends: A Beautiful Blend and Hapa

A beautiful blend: a documentary that explores the issues facing and attitudes of multiethnic and multiracial people living in the United States.

Hapa: one step at a time: examines how individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent are embracing their ethnic experiences as a symbol of change in an ever-evolving multicultural society. Explores what it means to be considered a mixed-race American today. The program is a first-person treatment of the struggles that people of diverse cultural backgrounds face.

Documentary webpage

Mirlyn Record


I don’t want to be afraid of the police by chescaleigh

A national discussion is desperately needed. No more violence. No more murder. It’s time to push back against the “media” and the politicians who keep our society divided.

We must face fear itself

From Mike McLean and not necessarily LDC.

Americans have the right of free speech and to freely assemble. Americans have the right to protest. We also have the right to be safe and the expectation that our law enforcement community will do its best to protect us. For most that was never the case.

Now is it so easy to arrest, detain and incarcerate. How is it so easy to pull and fire a weapon at another human being? I believe that the culture of the Police has isolated itself from the general population. Police have assault weapons, tanks, helicopters and planes, a wide range of killing and surveillance  machines to use against citizens. Citizens distrust police and other government agencies. It is a vicious cycle. It won’t get better until we as citizens, specifically me and my White counterparts along with everyone else,  force the change. Sadly the fear of  White Americans keep most from joining the protests. The white population has a tremendous amount of fear; including fear of retaliation. I know I’ve been there. Even more unfortunate we, as White citizens, do not believe that we are welcome in the protests, even though we want to help and we want an end to this entrenched racism. Believe me most of us do, and as always there are those who will never change. Who knows why but the rest of us are in support of the rights of every citizen.

As citizens we have a very big job ahead of us, we must break through the wall of the culture of Police authority. They need to be invited to the table and Whites have to jump into the discussion and protest as necessary. This is a whole new place for America, we have been a segregated society since the beginning and now it’s time for a really, really big change. We must come together before this other type of segregation can thrive, this authority vs. citizens.

I am deeply harmed by the explosion of violence during the protests against the shooting of Michael Brown. I question those who point their weapons at citizens and those who loot and cause more violence, who are these provocateurs? There is no room for this kind of reaction. This enhances fear. We must get beyond that.

I kindly ask all the White Americans and White people everywhere to read the article from “The Root” and join the struggle. I kindly ask that Black, Latino, Asian and many other Americans to help Whites to join in this struggle. We all need to be welcome to make our home a better place. We can help each other.

From The Economist

Police in a Missouri suburb demonstrate how not to quell a riot


Race Against Race

Brought to my attention from Chaturi Wijesundera, we can always learn from others. Thank you Chaturi.

IGR Inter Group Relations

Project Community

Every picture tells a story or does it really?

You may ask, Why does the “media” show such horrible pictures of black men when a crime has been committed? I can’t answer that. I have only my speculation about hate, fear and division.

If They Gunned Me Down has started the conversation.

National Public Radio has picked up the story

I think this is an important discussion that hopefully will bring about national consideration.


Love of the List -Diversity is the most important issue facing the world today

Speaking for myself and not necessarily the LDC, the US Government keeps lists on almost every group in the US. No I don’t have hard data, I live here and see lists come and go. Even before 9/11 the US Government has actively followed, listed and even entrapped citizens who may not have the same point of view. Those fighting for racial equality, environmental justice, and anti-nuclear weapons to name just three were listed and in some cases persecuted. I am pretty sure this is a common practice of governments around the world and throughout the ages. The Detroit News on August 6th posted an article about Dearborn citizens being on the Governments’ Terrorist list. The numbers are staggering. The article mentions the Governments’ No-Fly list which contains 47,000 American Citizens. Forty-Seven thousand are not allowed to fly due to the fear they might hi jack a plane. I think our Government may need to do some soul searching, may need to find out why. may need to solve this problem. From my local POV, which is limited, I find this very disconcerting. Sadly I think our Government lives in fear, maybe they should I don’t know. Our Government should at least try to find out why so many of its citizens qualify for such lists. Who knows maybe they could discover solutions.

Back to the good citizens of Dearborn. The article is upsetting. However most of the comments are even more upsetting. The comments expose some real problems within our population. This is a fine example of why Diversity is the most important issue facing the world today. We all must learn to live together and remove these divisions.

From the Detroit News:

“The FBI, CIA and other government agencies nominate people for inclusion in the database — and it adds about 900 a day, according to the documents. The list is separate from the “no-fly” list that includes 47,000 people, the document said. McQuade said the government was addressing concerns about the no-fly list.”

From The Detroit News:

Detroit News Article

Free to be- You and Me

A journey into the endless possibilities of life. Rich with positive, life-enhancing messages that focus on growth and change. Positive messages of self-esteem are illustrated through a series of live action and animations shorts through songs, stories and laughter. Explores children’s dreams and concerns, as well as their fears and fantasies.

Special features: new introduction by Marlo Thomas; previously unreleased scene from ABC special: Dustin Hoffman in “How I Crossed the Street”; photo gallery; optional subtitles in English and Spanish.

Mirlyn Record


Chasing Daybreak: A Film About Mixed Race in America


In 2005, the MAVIN Foundation, the nation’s largest mixed race organization, sponsored the Generation MIX National Awareness Tour to raise awareness of America’s multiracial baby boom. Chasing Daybreak follows the five Generation MIX crew members as they travel 10,000 miles across the country in a 26-foot R.V. and spark discussions on race, mixed race and diversity. As the crew meets with hundreds of people from U.S. Senator Barack Obama to Bubba the tow truck driver, they share their hopes, fears and aspirations for the future of race in America.

Mirlyn Record

Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is a Right-Wing …






A Very Worthy Read

Ask Andrew W.K.



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