Askwith Recommends: When I Walk

Seven years and 3,600 hours of footage after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Jason DaSilva brings an intimate portrait of his own physical transformation to the big screen with When I Walk. In a culture where disability is often reduced to a character trait- he is disabled, she is disabled- When I Walk asks about disability as a process. When do you become disabled in your path from able-bodied? What are the pivotal moments indicating your life will never be as it once was? DaSilva’s story elegantly unfolds with the camera as his witness on his journey toward activism. Harrowing and optimistic, his chronicle reminds us of the beauty of fleeting moments, the importance of humor, and the presence of possibility.

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Don’t Dodge the Diversity Question!

Nicole Matois an associate professor of English at the College of DuPage. She is a Chicago-based writer whose published work focuses on topics including higher education and special needs parenting. Click here for post

RePost: The Journal of Creative Library Practice

Supporting Transgender Individuals in Libraries: Developing Responsive Policies Click Here

Askwith Recommends: Dreams of equality


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National Parks Service Women’s Rights

Cayuga Lake Heritage

An overview of the history of and the struggle for women’s rights movement in nineteenth century United States. Tells the story of the First Women’s Rights Convention in dramatized interactions between a sister and brother from 1848 to the 1860s. Includes vignettes of young people discussing their views of the women’s rights struggle. Also includes numerous archival photographs from the era. Voice-overs include excerpts of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s speech at the Convention proclaiming that all men and women are created equal. Shown at the visitor’s center of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park.

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National Underground Railroad Conference in Detroit July 16 – 20 2014



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The National Park Service, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom (NTF) program and friends will host the 2014 National Underground Railroad Conference in Detroit from July 16-20, 2014. The conference’s focus on women recognizes the NTF program’s new organizational link with the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Monument, and will explore her involvement with the Underground Railroad as part of a larger story of women’s participation in the movement, as freedom seekers, and as operatives.

For more information click on the links above or contact the Diane Miller, National Program Manager, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program, 402-661-1588 ( or Déanda Johnson, Midwest Regional Coordinator, 402-661-1590 (

Inclusive Playgrounds


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Playgrounds should be thrilling for all children. That’s why Miracle offers inclusive and accessible playgrounds and products designed to provide access and interaction for children of all abilities. With fun and engaging designs that allow access to multiple levels, and play events that encourage social inclusion and sensory play, Miracle inclusive and accessible playgrounds create a fun and interactive environment that everyone can enjoy.

This is a great idea and one stop shopping. We do not prefer one company over another but when good ideas are brought to our attention we have to pass them on to you.



Askwith Recommends: Miss You Can Do It


For children with a learning or physical disability, the focus is often on what’s wrong. This uplifting HBO Documentary Film chronicles the efforts of Abbey Curran, a former Miss Iowa USA and the first woman with a disability to compete in the Miss USA Pageant, and eight girls with various disabilities as they participate in a pageant.

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Askwith Recommends: You Don’t Need Feet to Dance

Sidiki Conde, who lost the use of his legs, shows how he has learned to overcome his disability. From teaching workshops for disabled kids to bicycling with his hands to managing to navigate the busy streets of Manhattan, Sidiki proves You Don’t Need Feet to Dance.

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Askwith Recommends: Anna May Wong In Her Own Words


“Anna May Wong knew she wanted to be a movie star from the time she was a young girl–and by 17 she became one. A third generation Chinese-American, she went on to make dozens of films in Hollywood and Europe. She was one of the few actors to successfully transition from silent to sound cinema, co-starring with Marlene Dietrich, Anthony Quinn and Douglas Fairbanks along the way. She was glamorous, talented and cosmopolitan–yet she spent most of her career typecast either as a painted doll or a scheming dragon lady. For years, older generations of Chinese-Americans frowned upon the types of roles she played; but today a younger generation of Asian Americans sees her as a pioneering artist, who succeeded in a hostile environment that hasn’t altogether changed. Yunah Hong’s engrossing documentary is an entertaining and imaginative survey of Wong’s career, exploring the impact Wong had on images of Asian American women in Hollywood, both then and now. Excerpts from Wong’s films, archival photographs and interviews enhance this richly detailed picture of a woman and her extraordinary life”–Publisher.

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